Monopoly Is Pretty Good, Actually

Posted on Sat 10 February 2024 in Misc

A lot of people hate Monopoly, but I think it gets a bad rap. A big reason why people hate it so much is because they don't understand the main game mechanic, which is scarcity. The game is intentionally designed to make it so that you're constantly having to budget your cash and fight for houses and hotels, which are limited. Because people don't understand that, they invent house rules to inject more cash and houses into the game, like having a pool of money in the middle that goes to whoever lands on "Free Parking". This makes the game run for hours, because these house rules intentionally make it hard to go bankrupt. If you're playing Monopoly like that, it's not a surprise that the game is miserable. If played properly, however, it's only 1 hour, which is just enough time to not get bored of it.